Adults with Disabilities ACCESS


The ACCESS program promotes growth and life enrichment for people with disabilities through cooperative community efforts, while allowing individuals to participate as fully and independently as possible in all Community Education and Recreation programs, activities and events. 

ACCESS aims to give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in social, educational, recreational and healthy activities throughout the community. 

ACCESS will continue to offer quality educational classes for adults with disabilities and will advertise these classes through a direct mailing. If you wish to receive a direct mailing that contains ACCESS class offerings, please contact ACCESS Coordinator Michelle Sorenson at (507) 387-5501.

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Fall Classes: 

Basics: Love to Learn
  • Develop and enhance your reading, writing and language skills through a fun, interactive classroom experience. There will be opportunities to socialize and share personal stories with your fellow students and teachers. Our experienced staff will provide individual and group lessons, based on your interests, to help you achieve your goals. You will have opportunities to expand and explore literacy through fun projects, activities, and computer programs.
Let's Cook! Healthy Cooking
  • Come learn about food, cooking, and being healthy! Throughout this 5 week course, you will be  cooking a variety of meals and learning about topics such as: understanding a nutrition label, kitchen safety, and  how to eat healthy at restaurants. We will be using the book Let’s Cook! Healthy Meals for Independent Living     (© 2010, Appletree Press) in the class room.
Horse Care
  • Come enjoy time at the horse stable! Participants will be introduced to horses and learn about the stables and horses at Willow Wood Stables with Kayla Snustad. Participants will have the opportunity to see and pet horses to expand their comfort level. Participants will also be introduced to basic care of and education on horses. Please note that the participants will not be riding during the program.