Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Benefits of Advisory Council
  • Link between communities, businesses, homes and schools
  • opportunity for education to listen to and learn from community
  • opportunity for community to listen to and learn from education
  • provide vehicle for advising policy makers in the school district
  • opportunity for educational planning and evaluation
  • engages community members
  • improves services 
Advisory Council Functions
✓ planning
✓ needs/resource assessment
✓ program development
✓ finance
✓ inter-agency cooperation / community partnership
✓ problem solving
✓ influencing policy / direction
✓ leadership / training
✓ ambassadorship

Advisory Council Members 2016-2017

Jeane McGraw
Term 2018
Drew Campbell
Appt.Blue Earth County
Lynn Waterbury
Term 2017 
Jason Grovom
Appt. ISD77 Administrator
James Roy, Chair
Term 2019
Diane Norland
Appt. City of North Mankato
Christina Shortall
Term 2017
Kinney Eberhart
Appt. ISD77 School Board
Patrick Baker
Term 2019
Mike Laven
Appt. City of Mankato
Dana Niu
Term 2019

Advisory Council Dates and Times


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